Textop-OSS, the Text Outline Project Open Source Software Mailing List

Purpose of the list: The purpose of the Textop-OSS list is to serve as a forum for discussion and planning about the open source software (OSS) that will be or is being developed for the Text Outline Project.  More general discussion of project policies and broad requirements are better handled by other lists, such as the Textop list.

Subscribing: You may subscribe to Textop's general mailing list via the Web

Unsubscribing: You may unsubscribe via the Web.

Posting: Posting is then simply a matter of sending a message to textop-oss at lists.dufoundation.org.

List archives: Available here.

The list is unmoderated.  Posting instructions and rules will be sent to subscribers.  Civil and intelligent behavior will be expected.

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