The Text Outline Project: how to view the outline example properly

To view the outline example (1.3 MB) properly, you must use Microsoft Word (sorry) and take the following steps.

  1. You might find it more convenient to save a copy and open it in MS Word, rather than just opening it up in your browser.  You might have to do this in order to get it to display properly.
  2. Choose Outlining view (View -> Outline).
  3. Show the Outlining toolbar (View -> Toolbars -> Outlining).
  4. In the Outlining toolbar, where it says “Show All Levels” instead choose “Show Level 9”.
  5. To view text associated with a part of the outline, go to the outline node and then choose Normal view (View -> Normal).

Also, note this outline isn’t quite finished (a few dozen more pages of the philosophical parts of the Leviathan to go).

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