The Text Outline Project: Glossary Chunks are made up of:
Example of a chunk:

Argument [function]
A very small and relatively powerless state is ineffective to remove the state of nature. [summary]

Nor is it the joining together of a small number of men that gives them this security; because in small numbers, small additions on the one side or the other make the advantage of strength so great as is sufficient to carry the victory, and therefore gives encouragement to an invasion. The multitude sufficient to confide in for our security is not determined by any certain number, but by comparison with the enemy we fear; and is then sufficient when the odds of the enemy is not of so visible and conspicuous moment to determine the event of war, as to move him to attempt. [the sentences]

Hobbes, Lev XVII 3 [reference]

Finally, we will use a verb, "to chunk," to mean dividing a text up into chunks.

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